As far back as I can remember my father worked on the space program. First at Interstate Electronics in Anaheim, California, then for IBM in Huntsville, Alabama until I was in my mid-twenties around 1978 or 1979. The patches on this LO are all the programs her worked on. He was at the Cape or Houston Space Flight Center for every launch. It was an exciting time, especially when man first walked on the moon! We watched every mission and launch from home. We even got to watch them in class in Huntsville, but then it IS the Space and Rocket Center of the U.S.! Because of our involvement, my eyes have always turned upward and my imagination has flown far. When the original Star Trek came out, I was an immediate Trekkie and have never looked back. It's unlikely I'll ever get to go to the moon, but maybe my children will be able to go for me!

Kit: Shining Stars Bundles by Aprilisa
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