This is for a challenge at another site. We were given a vintage photo and had to make up a story about it then scrap a page.


JOURNALING:  Grandma Phoebe was quite a story teller.  In one story she claimed to have been the muse of a young violinist from Romania named George. George was something of a child prodigy having studied violin from the age of four. But when Phoebe met him in Paris he was having a difficult time. His confidence had eroded and he was thinking of giving up the violin and becoming a teacher. Phoebe saw the pain in his face when he told her his plans and was determined to help him. As an apprentice milliner at a small shop in Paris, she created a Steampunk inspired top hat for George. She told him all the gears on the hat would absorb creative energy and he would resume playing with the same expertise he had exhibited when he was a young lad. She says it was shortly after she presented him with the hat that he went on tour and his fame quickly spread. She never saw him again. I wasn’t too sure about this story until I found this old photo and a battered top hat in her attic. Could Phoebe’s Fables be real??

CREDITS: Photo provided for challenge; Cock & Bull from "The Farmer Says" by Kimberly Stewart; KITS: "It's About Time", Rosie's Designs; "Flea Market Chic", Dana's Footprint Digital Designs; "Baby Flakes Christmas", Kathryn Estry; "Remember Me Page Kit", Megan's Creations; FONTS: Arial, Complete in Him ("Fable" based loosely on the life of noted violinist George Enescu).