My nephew, Mark, doing what he loves the best - pitting himself against the odds. #adrenalinejunkie

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· "Kiteboarding is edgy stuff, flinging yourself off the surf into the air and letting the wind pull you back down. The people who do it describe the sport as dangerous and extreme. Wounded vets using kiteboards as therapy flying off Sullivan's Island this weekend." ~ Bo Peterson, The Post and Courier

· "Among the experienced kiters this weekend is Mark Roseberry, 40, of Ormand Beach, Fla., who was introduced to the sport at a similar event a few years ago. Roseberry lost a leg in Afghanistan while there with the Army.

"The biggest adjustment I had to make was from doing hardcore things in the Army and feeling super capable to, what can I do now?" he said.

The first try went poorly. He climbed on the kiteboard on an artificial leg, grabbed hold and was terrible at it, he said. The instructor, a sponsor and friend, kept bringing him back out. Roseberry is now a certified instructor.

"It's something a little dangerous, which I enjoy," Roseberry said.

When he got the hang of the sport "it felt like there's nothing I can't do," he said. "There's not a whole lot of amputees doing it, and that's pretty cool."

The Post and Courier article by Bo Peterson 6/29/18