JOURNALING: It was nostalgia night Sunday (July 8) as we were entertained by the Hippodrome’s summer musical, “The Bikinis”. Set on the sandy Jersey Shore, the play features an all-female singing group once known as the Bikinis. They reunite as middle-aged women on New Year’s Eve 2000 for a concert intended to rescue their beachfront mobile-home community from developers. This story-line just serves as a framework for an evening romp down memory lane with songs from the 1960’s and 70’s. Who can forget such classics as “Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Yellow Polka Dot

Bikini”, “Heat Wave”, and “Under the Boardwalk”. The second act continues the fun with songs such as “I’m Every Woman”, “I Will Survive” and “Last Dance”. A fun night - now if I could just get “These Boots are Made for Walking” out of my head!  Barbara (Wydetta Carter) dressed as a disco ball.

Word Strips: Wydetta Carter, Catherine Fries Vaughn, Melanie Souza, Kelly Atkins; Catherine Fries Vaughn (Annie), Kelly Atkins (Jodi), Melanie Souza (Karla), Wydetta Carter (Barbara)

CREDITS: PHOTOS: Rachel Jones for The Hippodrome; KITS: “For Those About to Rock” & “Now Showing’, Kristin Aagard; “Summer Fun”, Paula Kesselring; FONTS: Century Gothic Regular, Adobe Caslon Pro Italic, Complete in Him