The journaling on this reads:
"The British are famous for their seaside holidays. The delights of donkey rides, Punch and Judy shows and paddling became available to the average person in the 1870s. Blackpool, in Lancashire, was perhaps the most famous of these British seaside resorts, was where this picture of my Aunt Lynne was taken in 1943. I can remember, as a child, how wonderful a visit to Blackpool was, with its iconic tower and fabulous beaches. At nighttime, from August to November, the beautiful Blackpool illuminations light up the sky. What wonderful, idyllic days they were."

This heritage layout was created in about 15 minutes. A picture, a title and some journaling are really all that is needed on a layout. A few elements, such as stitching and photocorners add to the ambiance, and are easy to pop on, no thought or struggling with positioning is necessary. Pick a few appropriate fonts, such as this CK Heritage fonts that are 'old style' and have them ready for this type of layout. Old typewriter fonts are great, along with those fonts that look as though they fell right off the tip of a dipped inkpen.

I used Photographers' Essentials Mega Kit from the Digital Scrapbook Place to create this. The only change I made to the elements was to darken the stitching from white to dirty brown.

Photographers' Essentials Mega Kit, a collaborative kit by DSP Designers from Digital Scrapbook Place

Font: CK Heritage
Layout was made using Adobe Photoshop CS5