Journalling reads:
Somewhere between the playfulness of youth and the grace of age, there lies the age of adustment. It is the age where you look at a picture and wonder who is that person with the graying hair and lines around her eyes. It is the age where you wish the photographer had not used the wide angle lens and, instead, used the one that really reflects your slenderness and elegance. You wonder why the jawline is not quite straight and what trick of light caused the double chin you know is not really there. In moments of sadness, you mourn the young women who is vanishing from the your photo album and you are not ready for a friendship with the one who is taking her place. In these days of adjustment the camera is no longer your ally, but your foe. It does not tell a gentle lie, but shouts out the truth and demands that you face what you don’t want to face.

That I face what I don’t want to face..

Strangled Elegance Backpack by Lauren Bavin
Cotton Candy Smiles Page Kit by Heidi Kuester
Word Art - Weatherwise by Elizabeth Weaver
Everyday Daisies Page Kit by Carole Harden
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