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Time...there’s always going to be more time for more family trips and visits, right? That is until your body betrays you. We warned you about not wearing hats or sunscreen.  You always burn, but you didn’t heed the warnings. Melanoma reared its ugly head on your scalp 4 years ago. It terrified me because of its location and depth! But, the surgeon said he got clean borders and he thought it was successful with diligent follow ups. You went back for two scans which both came back clean. Then you always seemed to find excuses not to go back. When we took our last trip overseas, you extended your end into a 2-month trip. We couldn’t believe you were doing this, but in hindsight, you must have intuited something bad was going on and decided to make your last trip a great one. No sooner did you return from Italy, things began to fall apart. A new golf ball sized tumor on your brain, a large tumor in your lung. Surgery to remove both. Follow up scan, after what was considered a successful surgery, showed your brain lit up like a Christmas tree. I guess you knew what you were doing by taking the extended trip, because the last 6 months of your life were pure misery. I’m still a little put out with you because by not being honest with me, you denied me extra time with you. Miss you terribly, big brother:(