Credits: Happy New Year 2019 Challenge kit


Journaling:We got the idea that Christmas 2017 had to have been the worst day in Marco's life. After losing Carla in the beginning of December, he'd never been alone in the house for any more than an hour or two. On Christmas Day, David and I were up in Michigan all day. When we returned home a lot of things were knocked over and turned around including the little Christmas tree on our big table lying on its side. I'm not sure if Marco was bored or scared but after we got home he was kind of attached to his daddy, because he's a daddy's boy, and when daddy wasn't home he started to become attached to mommy.


These photos are all from January when Marco earned the nickname "Needy Kitty.” During the day he was in the same room I was so he could always keep an eye on me and in fact he spent a lot of time sleeping on my lap watching me and walking all over me which until then was out of character for him.


It was already time to start talking about Marco needing a brother or sister.