Credits: Currently by Connie Prince


Journaling: Being a middle of the summer child, global climate change has made my half birthday a crapshoot for the last 15 years or so.

There was a year when my half birthday landed on the weekend when I had I'm nice walk in the mildly chilly air in one of the nearby towns I loved to walk it and stopped and get myself a tasty chocolate something. And there have been years where it was below zero on my half birthday and I stayed in as much as I could bundled up with some leftover Christmas chocolate. But you do notice I don't expect gifts or even for anyone to notice it's my half-birthday unless I say something about it. But I have to have chocolate.

52 1/2 was particularly taxing. My nurse, who is also a good friend of mine, (the only way broke me can afford to have a NURSE take care of me) called this morning with a sore throat. I mean seriously I could barely understand her. 

Then the person who I’d worked with before was supposed to b coming in for a training session to start working on the weekends so my overworked friend has time off. She was no call no show; she didn't bother to show up, call or text or return any of my texts or calls. So we're still looking for someone to give my overqualified to work for me friend a weekend. 

I had to reschedule fixing my wheelchair because there'd be nobody here to lift me into the wheelchair which was necessary for some of the repairs. my half birthday was starting to feel like it was going to be an uncommon halfbbirthday for me. I really do smile a lot. But this year's chocolate was starting to look like a leftover piece of Hersheys in the candy jar ofn the table next to my recliner.

But after not having breakfast and feeling kind of hungry my husband brought me a big Mac and fries and a chocolate shake from McDonald's it's a far cry from an MS  approved Mediterranean diet meal but on a day like today had become it is become who cares - it's my half-birthday CHOCOLATE SHAKE! 

I'll make it to 53 after all.