The aged photo is the one with the bracket and button on it (not the blend) and the original is the small one furthest to the right.

Journaling reads:
When you have lost something big it takes a while to find a new normal. It takes a while to be okay with change and to accept that the shoes you wear in life now arenít the ones you would have picked, but they are ones that have made you better. I know it is hard to feel like yourself when your whole world is upsidedown, but I also know there comes a time when it no longer hurts to laugh and it is easier to live with the dull ache of loss. I wondered how long it would take for you to get finally be okay with your new life. I think you are nearly there and I hope you can see that too. I love you.

I used from my store Perfect in Every Way and Somethin' To Crow About

From Unforgettable Moments Rustic Charm

I also used a button that is part of the GingerScraps Essentials Collection

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