Credits: Friendship Monthly Mix by GingerBread Ladies


When I saw the scraplift Challenge this month, the photograph immediately made me think of the video for the Bruno Mars song "Count On Me" and that immediately brought to mind this particular photo from 1995. Wwith the exception of John (far left, would hadbeen a big brother to me since I was 15) I hadn't known these coworkers THAT long. Tracy and Rich, on the right, I had known about 2 1/2 years. Heather, the woman who took the picture, I’d known in less than a year. In the middle of a crazy couple of months at work where we were working on every weekend and they were productions the next six weekends there was one weekend we didn't have anything scheduled and I came up with the idea of let's leave at close on Friday (we left at about 11 PM) and go to Hershey Pennsylvania for the weekend. My friend John who had gotten to know some of my coworkers, quickly offered that he had a big enough sport utility and three other coworkers jumped in and said yes we absolutely need the break.

At the big birthday dinner that we've now renamed our family reunion that my dad hosts every year, Tracy, Rich and Heather are all at the party nearly a quarter of a century later. And they were also all at John's funeral in 2009. I tend to have a habit of adding to my family as I go through life. I'm kind of proud of that.