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We're mimicing a lot from the USA here in Sweden. The most recent I guess is that we've started to celebrate Halloween. But we haven't started with Thanksgiving yet. Ok, I get that it makes no sense for us to think about pilgrims and indians, but it would be nice to hace a celebration where we could focus on being thankful. Sure, we have a Thanksgiving Sunday in the calendar, but it's not a family tradition like it is in the USA. To sit down together with the family, sum up the year and talk about what we are grateful for. This year I'm grateful that we've been living the first year in our very own house. I'm thankful that my husband still loves me and that my son is growing up to a wise young man. I'm grateful that we all are in good health, that John is doing so well in school, that Ubbe enjoys his work, and that we have the financial possibility that I can stay home full time. And I'm grateful that my father is still alive. We all know it's on borrowed time, but thar just makes every minute more valuable. Thanks for this year!