Credits: Connie Prince 2019 01 January

Journaling: Grandma and I used to have coffee together every Monday night. Now, Grandma lived in Hale Michigan and I lived  in Northville Michigan, roughly 3 hours apart. (when I ended up in Toledo was another hour!)  Our Monday night coffees were I give her a call, or she would call me, around 8 PM every Monday, and we would both make a big cup of coffee and we would talk about anything and everything while we drank coffee on the phone. Our coffee conversations usually ended when one of us had to go to the bathroom. If we were in the middle of a conversation that was especially interesting, We’d just take a break, use the bathroom, make another cup of coffee and call back. But Monday nights were definitely our coffee night.

When we actually got together in person, whether she was down visiting (especially during the holidays!) Or when I was visiting her, a stop for a frou-frou coffee was definitely always in order at least once. Starbucks near me and there was a great local coffeehouse right across the parking lot from our favorite Chinese restaurant in West Branch. The coffees were more expensive but real time together made us not even notice.