Kits Used are Halloween Bling by Cjoy2day Designs
Love Potion No 9 by LEIdee Q Designs and Happy Halloween by CW Picket and Co
Font is Pea Roxygirl

Letter Says:
Dear Mr. Burton,
I realize that I am 28 and I should be growing up but I just don't want to. I am still as obsessed with you today as I was when I first saw one of your films. I don't know what I love about your films more, their creativity, their music, their dark yet beautiful sets. I love that you are scary and sweet at the same time. And Now I am so happy that I can share many of your films with my kids. They love Edward Scissor hands, Alice in Wonderland, The Corpse Bride and of course their favorite (like my favorite) is Nightmare Before Christmas. They have the posters all over their walls and it's their favorite Soundtrack to listen to while in the car. I think it's really awesome that one of my son's first words was Jack. I watch your movies when I'm sick in bed and I watch them just for fun. I'm forever thankful for you Mr. Burton and I couldn't imagine how I'd entertain myself without you.