Dear Connor,

I canít believe that you will soon be 4 years old. Time has gone by so quickly. I remember when you were just a little baby and I thought it would take forever for you to grow old enough to do all of the fun things that I wanted to do with you. Now I realize how fast children grow and Iíll try to remember never to take advantage of the moments that come with each new year.

Right now you are at an age where you are so imaginative and you are always pretending that you are someone else. You will tell me that your Peppa Pig or Max. You will crawl around pretending to be a cat or you act like a zombie from Plants vs. Zombies.

I love your creativity and your imagination. I hope it will stay with you as you grow older. I love you so much.


Kit used:
Visible Changes by Picture Designs

Template used:
One Shot template 4 by Scrap-a-holic Designs

Pea Devon (for the letter)
Halo Handletter (for the title)
Cheri ( for the X O's)