Credits: Connie Prince 2019 03 March

Journaling: Kelly and Tracy have a couple of important things in common in my life. First thing is it with both of them we became instant friends the first time we met, Kelly in 1989 and Tracy in 1993. Kelly and I have long considered ourselves “platonic soulmates." It wasn't long after Tracy and I met that we realized we were definitely “sisters from different miisters." We joked that God made the molds for dads he made one in every flavor of the good ones, we happened to have different flavors of the same dad.

But the thing the Kelly and Tracy have the most in common is that they're both my loving butt kickers. They've both been there personally and professionally to give me a push when I'm having self-doubt. They give me that kick when needed but they protect me too. I don't claim that either one of them would take a bullet for me - they’d shoot first and hit the target.

Anybody who is seen as strong is that way because they have people in their lives that are stronger than them in some places they really need it. I am SO Lucky to have them as part of my family.