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The journaling:

Our RV refrigerator wasn’t always behaving itself. Since we also worried because there can be some issues with them, causing RV fires, it was time to replace it with a residential fridge. The problem was it is very tough to fit a residential fridge into an older RV. We found one just meeting the measurements. We got the old one out, and the new in, through the window- Ralph had to remove it in order to make it large enough to fit. Once the new fridge was in place the door didn’t have the clearance it needed to open far enough though! He ended up spending a lot of time moving the raised floor, where the base of the fridge sits, lower, as low as possible, to get the clearance.

It's got a great amount of space in it, far better than the old RV fridge, and worth all the hassle. With any luck if we end up with another RV at some point it will already have a residential though!