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Journaling says:

Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day is one of my favorite books.
There are only three sentences in the whole book.
First page, the mom says, "Look after the baby, Carl. I‘ll be back shortly.“
Last page, she says, "Good Dog, Carl.“ 

In between the beginning and end are beautiful illustrations of what happens between Carl and the baby.
No words, only illustrations, only life.
I used to love making up the story for Angie and Amy and then they would "read“ the story back to me in their words. 

As I think of the book and the quote now, I find even more meaning in it‘s pages.
I think about how much happens between the words that we are not aware of. 
How words matter so much, but the space between the words may be even more important.
How those who don‘t have "words“ to share are so important. 

When Lori and I were at a workshop in Sedona, John Barnes, our teacher, challenged everyone in the class.
Stop talking for 24 hours.
I thought it impossible, but Lori wanted to try.
When we started talking again, my voice sounded so loud!
I realized how much effort it takes to talk.

Words are so powerful, such a gift to the human race.
Perhaps they are a double-edged sword.
Perhaps we sometimes abuse, overuse and become overdependent on words. 

All this on a scrapbook page filled with words, about books and quotes filled with words.
What a paradox.
Perhaps sometimes, the best thing is just to say:
"Good dog, Carl“   

"Living by voice alone, we will never truly hear."
James French, The Touch Technique


I think my layouts take on a life of their own. After all these years, I still try to include lots of papers, flowers, cluster, elements and in the end, they turn out simple. Oh well....