Dear Sydney, Jacob, Noah and Ethan,

My dearest children, I miss you so much. I accidently trapped myself in Grandmaís attic. I really didnít mean to do so.
I know I always say how I need a break from all of you. But the truth is when I do get away, I miss you all terribly.
I thought I would enjoy the quietness and peacefulness. But that lasted less than half a day. I did not realize that not hearing your voices would make a place seem empty, not quiet or peaceful. You mean more to me than words can say.
Even though I found enough food and water in Grandmaís attic to survive quite awhile, I feel my spirit withering. You children are very much a part of me and a part of my heart. I am losing my appetite from homesickness.
Being without for so long, my heart is slowing dying. I cannot live without my kids. I need your hugs, kisses and smiles like I need food, water and air to breathe. I am survivng on the chance I will see you again. I love all so much.
Your loving Mother

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