Kit: Morning Glory
Designer: In The Small Things
Template: Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs

Dear coffee,
You are the very first thing that comes to mind every morning when I wake up, and the very last thing every night after dinner. You are the sign that I start my day on the right track, and that
I can finish it while I sit back and relax. Who knew that you would be the one giving me so much energy every morning and be the cuddly warmth I need every evening! Never had I thought, when I first tasted you, that I would be in love with you!?
I donít mind if you decide to pop out of my Keurig or Tim Hortonís! As long as youíre with me, thatís all I need in order to go on with my day. I am totally addicted to you, and thatís the whole beauty of it! You wonít judge me if I take too much or not enough of you... As long as I get to have a little taste of you, just to say: ďHello, I love you!!!Ē Then, you totally make my day!
With love,