Dear Love,
I remember when we first met. We kept checking the calendar to see how long we had known each other. The calendar said two weeks. Our hearts said forever. I have never met anyone that I fit so well with. My weaknesses are your strengths. You complete me. Your love and support has kept me going through these years. Your faith has made mine stronger and I know that through relying on the Lord together, we are doing right. You guide me when I am lost. You comfort me when I am down. You make me laugh. You listen when I need to talk and talk and talk. You take my needs to heart and you work to make me happy.
As the future moves along, I am glad we can spend it together. These next few years will bring new adventures. Our third child, and second daughter, is on her way. We will be exploring new parts of the world, far from other family. Our skills and knowledge will grow in ways we never thought possible. And we will do it side by side, hand in hand, heart to heart.
You are my other half. You complete me. Thank you for being in my life and all that you do.
Lovingly yours forever,

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