Journaling:  Be easy on yourself,

“Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

   –Paulo Coelho

   The Saxon Tales


Credits:  My Everything - Kit by Connie Prince ,

Clocks from these various kits…

Better Days Ahead by Aprilisa, He’s Incrediable by Wimpychompers, Project 2012 January by Connie Prince, Gingerbread Ladies Timeless Traditions, Gingerbread Ladies Hopes and Dreams, #2017 January by Connie Prince, Ready to Go by Aprilisa, Happy Home by Aimee Harrison, Gingerbread Ladies Good Night, Gingerbread Ladies Good Morning, Make the Grade by Blue Heart Scraps, I Love School by Connie Prince, Whale of a Good Time by Connie Prince, Days to Remember by Luv Ewe Designs, Reading is Fun by Connie Prince, Auld Lang Syne by North Meets South Studios (Connie Prince and Trixie Scraps, Roar by Connie Prince[/url], School Supplies by Connie Prince, and National Treasure by Scraps n Pieces