Credits: Are You Kitten Me? By Shepherd Studio

Journaling: On May 2, Tanya brought over "Gina" for a meet and greet with us. Tanya, former coworker  of David’s and Facebook friend to us both, is a Michigan Humane Society foster mom for Gina and her kittens. Gina approached David and he pet her for a little bit. Then she went back to Tanya and she put her on the recliner. Either she liked the green baseball blanket or she felt that comfortable with me, but I pet her for a while and she ended up curling up between my knees and rolling around and letting me pet her some more.

We found Marco’s new sister! We had to wait until she was spayed to bring her home, but when kittens are always adopted while mama-cats join the shelter’s adult pet population and black cats are the hardest to find homes, the black cat who had just finished nursing a litter, formerly known as “Gina” was adopted before any of her kittens.

On May 16, Julie Danielle, better known as JD “Catinez,” namesake of Boston Red Sox slugger, JD Martinez (Julio Daniel) came to live with us in her forever home!