Dearest Isaiah, As I reflect on the past year, tears well up in my eyes. My, have you grown over past year. Iíve tried to savor every moment, but I was still taken by surprise by how quickly it flew by. I canít believe your walking. It seems like just yesterday you were born. The love that I feel for you is sooo overwhelming at times. I could cry everyday thinking about how much I love you. I had no idea you could love someone so much, so unconditionally. Showing what unconditional love really means. I gave birth to you but, in a way, you gave birth to me. You gave me new life, a life worth living for. Thank you for coming into the world. You have touched and enriched our lives more than you could possibly know. I am so proud and thankful to be your mom. You are my greatest accomplishment in life. My wish for you is that you always walk with God. Remember you can do ALL things with him by your side. May someone always be with you to help guide you down the right path. I pray that we always have open communication. And that you can always come to us or some other trusted person. I pray that you are always Christ Centered and grounded in God.
I love you with every fiber of my being,

I used a granite fill to make the page look like the light is coming from the candle.
Ink, ink spatter, wall BG, Cob web in window, bird in widow-Sir Cau Wheel by Lori Davison
Frame, Cake platter and Window*-Falling Leaves by Lorie Davison
Cookies and sugar-Cookies for Santa by Susie M Designs
Table* and book*-Le Kitchen by Marta Van Eck
Pen Quill-My Diary by Enas Creation
Candle-All Hallows Eve by Holliewood Studios
Cobweb, dirt, Chair, Closet, Glasses, Mani-quin and stuffed animal* -Cozzy Attic by Marta Van Eck

Font: Quilted butterfly*
*Items were altered