Week 3 here it be! I decided to write a letter to my Gramma in Heaven... we only have a handful of pictures of her, none are good quality, so I had to make do with what I had...

Letter reads:
Dear Gramma, It's been too long since I've spoken to you. You've been gone for 26 years now. I think of you often and remember all the moments we spent together. I had a hard time understanding why you left us back then, but I understand now. I was so sad and angry for a long time. I missed you so much and still do every day! I especially miss our shopping trips, you always spoiled me with gifts. I remember sitting in the cart while you pushed me around and picking out Tinkerbell Makeup & crayons. I also miss just hanging out at your house watching daytime Soaps, they were your favorite. I love you so much, Gramma! Until we meet again. Love, Kimmie

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