Beautiful Elegance - LiseteScrap

Dear Phil,
Sometimes when I look at you, I can hardly believe youíre mine.
I think about how attractive you are, how caring and sensitive,
how interesting and funny,
and I canít believe that out of this whole world of people I was lucky
enough to find you.
When I look at you, I remember what it was like in the beginning...when we
were just getting to know eachother. Iíll never forget the nervous excitement
I felt every time I saw you, and I smile everytime.
I relive the tenderness of our first kiss. I just have to look at you and
I get lost in the special memories we share, and I daydream of
the happiness weíve yet to discover.
Everytime I look at you I realize how much I love the love we share...
and how very much I love you.

Happy 5th Anniversary

It feel like just yesterday...
Hearts and souls,