I used Mye De Leon's kit Thankful for You. Template by her also Smile
My Dearest Deagan,
So many times I have asked myself why God blessed me with you. There are days that I feel like giving up. Like I have let you down. I know that there are times that mommy struggles with herself on how to deal with you. Being diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and SPD has really took a toll on me, as well as your dad.
I will make a promise to not fail you. To get you all the help that you need, all the specialist to not only help you but me find ways to deal with this illness.
I also promise that I will never turn my back on you. When it feels like the world is failing you and you lose that self control, mommy will be there to pick you up, hold you and let you know that everything will be ok.
I just hope that you will have patience with me as well and we will grow together, learn together as you learn to handle yourself. I love you for who you are and remember
“You will always be my baby.”
Love, Mommy