This is my Challenge 3. I wrote a letter to my daughter Jessica, She was killed in 2003 at 17 years old. I still miss her every day!

My Dearest Jessica,
It has been 8 long years since you were taken away from me
I still feel the pain as if it were yesterday. You were 17 years old
and full of life and potential. You will always be 17 to me. I am writing
this letter to tell you how much I Love you. I still remember the times
when you were little and the special game we would play. I would call you
over and tell you I had a secret. Then I would whisper in your ear,
“Sweet Nothings,Sweet Nothings”. It would always set you to giggles.
Your smile could light up a room! Oh the fun silly times we had!.
I have been designing Digital Scrap kits for awhile now.
My designer name is Jessica’s Sweet Nothings! I do it all in memory of you.
You were always so happy to do crafts and create things with me.
Those were special times for us. I know that you have Nana up there with you now.
She adored you! Do you miss me? I miss you every second of every day!
You were my first baby girl, I watched you grow, kissed away your tears,
and always held you close to me.
Losing a child is the Hardest thing a Parent can go thru,
Although I will NEVER get over it,
I have learned to live with it.
I still have the Mother’s Day card you gave me., You wrote in the card that “You love me more than life itself”.
My Dear Jessica, It is I who will Always Love you
More than Life!
I know that one day I will be with you,
and I hold that thought to my Heart!.
I love you Jess, I always will.
Love Mama

I used one of my own kits for the layout.