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For Scrapping Survivor #3, Challenge #3

Dear Scott,

Where do I begin? We have been together forever! Well, okay, maybe not FOREVER but 15 years is a LONG time in my book! We met when I was just 19. You literally had me from “Hello.” I love recalling the little things in our relationship. I loved being so spontaneous with you. I mean, really, rollerblading at 3:00 am after I got done working the bar shift at Big Boy!! I remember going to the fair and you winning me that silly stuffed hornet. I still have it somewhere! I think the first present that you actually bought for me was a locket. Then there was the heart ring with the emerald for my birthstone. I still have that and wear it. I remember that you were the first to say “I love you!” I was so hesitant to say it back because I knew there was no turning back once I did. I simply responded with “Ditto.” LOL!! But it was only a few short days later and I told you I loved you too!

When I graduated from CMU and moved to Kalamazoo, I wasn’t sure where our relationship was going. You were still in Manistique, 7 hours away. I was so surprised when you called me and told me you were going to come to Kalamazoo and move in with me. The first 6 months of living together were definitely trying to say the least. Learning each other’s habits. Figuring out how to handle the money. Dealing with each other’s emotions on a constant basis. But we prevailed and when you asked me to marry you, I couldn’t have been happier!

We have now been married for 10 years. We have 2 beautiful little girls who absolutely adore you! It is such a joy to see how much love you have for them. We have been thru many ups and downs. But yet again, we prevail. Our love is strong. I believe that we can handle just about anything together. We already have. We have been going thru a rough patch recently but know that I love you with all of my heart and soul. I would be nothing without you. You make me whole. You complete me. I cherish each and every moment we have together!

Love, Kim