Wow - Did I struggle with this challenge! Hope you enjoy!

Dear Kaylee Bug,

You are such a fun-loving girl! I love watching your excitement over all the little things in life! The excitement of a ball pit at “Eagle’s Nest” or the fun of laying on the ground in a hallway! I love watching you make friends with any one we come across! I love watching you try new things - like rock climbing - and how you jump right in and give it all you’ve got! May you always continue to find the joy in the “little things” in life. I hope you continue to seek out new friends - because one can never have too many! I hope you continue to be willing to try new things - and although you may sometimes fall - I hope you don’t hesitate to get back up and try again! Know that I love you and believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Love always!

Made Pretty Seet Collab with MandyMade and Pretty in Green

September 2011 Templatetopia by by North Meets South Studios (Connie Prince & Trixie Scraps)