I used 2 kits on my layout.
1. Star Crossed By Creative Victorian Designs & Helly
2. Secrets of the Heart By Creative Victorian Designs and River Rose

Other Items:
Locket and Lace/Crochet #1 -My Valentine Poem By Lynn Griffin

My Letter:
To My Daniel,
I do hate it when you are gone. I get so lonely for you. I long to hear you call my name. I get so excited when you come through the door and I return to that giddy school girl you fell in love with so long ago.Nothing fully comforts me like when you caress the side of my face so tenderly. Nothing compares to the shelter and protection of your arms wrapped tightly around me. hurry home my beloved so my heart will be complete. That is, until you leave me once again.
Love, you Giddy School Girl