kit: Hard Hat Required by Statements by Jodi

October 2, 2011
Dear Ian,
"You are the sweetest little boy in the whole wide universe." I say that to you a lot. And you say, "I love you Mommy" a lot. Sometimes you seem to be trying to distract me from something you did, but usually you say it out of the blue or after I do something you enjoy, like give you blueberries, one of your favorite things, or chase you around the house, another favorite. You like to help us with chores and cooking, you enjoy lots of books. Lately we've been reading a lot of the ABC books with the kids who put things in their boxes that begin with their letter. I'm so glad to share the joy of books with you. Your passion continues to be soccer, and a new passion is Legos. I'm glad we started Lego Club so you can build friendships with similarly-minded kids. I have enjoyed my bonus baby-mama years. I'm surprised how different it is having a son, and in awe to think of you being a man. Love, Mommy