Currently March 2019
WATCHING: tonight I’ll be watching on TV as Columbus CrewSC plays Philadelphia United in Philly.
LISTENING: to Concerto De Aranjuez 2nd movement by Joaquin Rodrigo.
EATING: my current snack “craze,” Lay’s Poppables. Sort of like potato chips, but lighter.
DRINKING: I HATE Coca Cola; have not drank it in decades - EXCEPT when one adds a slug of chocolate syrup to it for a Chocolate Coke! Then - HEAVEN!
LOVING: This Valentine’s Day, I fell in LOVE - with this refrigerator I saw at Lowe’s. In fact, I love it SO MUCH, I’m having a new kitchen built around this appliance...
...and ALWAYS Pennie, of course!
CREDITS: SHEET MUSIC & REFRIG PHOTO: web; OTHERS: by me; KITS: "Honey I'm Home" - Lynn Grieveson; "Al Fresco" "Fiesta" "Football Crazy" - Kate Hadfield; "Lazy Weekend" - Kristin Aagard; "Music" - Paula Kesselring; "It Pays to Believe" - Kate Winiecki; FONTS: Hamilton; Oldnewspapertype