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It was May 2004 and it was a yard sale at Flogstaskolan. That's were we found you. You cost 5 kronor [less than $1] and we meant to give you to my dad who collects hippos. But John really liked you and wanted to keep you. He was so happy that he got tears in his eyes when we said it was okey that we kept you. For a while you were like my second son. You were a part of everything. You lived in John's bed, and you did that for many years. Long after the time that John really was too old to have plush toys. When we moved to the house in 2010, all toys were packed and stored away, but not you. You're not living in John's bed anymore, but at least you are still allowed to stay in his room. But now your place is beside his game TV. Not allowed in the bed. But not into the closet, where all other childish things, that John don't want to acknowledge.