Created using JoCee Designs Rustic Beach Kit


I have lots of fears, flying in a plane, water, fear of the unknown and my greatest fear is the death of family and loved ones. My fears were always eating at me, even interfering with happy times. While visiting Maine a few years ago Hubby and I went sight seeing and ran across the most beautiful shoreline that actually took my breath away and brought me to tears.  Watching the waves hit the rocky shore with so much power was overwhelming.  That day I decided to put my fears aside and go walk  among those rocks so I could take pictures of the lighthouse from below.  As I walked along the rocks I came across a small body of still water that had a the reflection of the lighthouse in it.  I thought wow, that would make a nice photo. The first time I looked at that picture I knew it had a meaning.  In the picture was the actual  lighthouse, the reflection of that lighthouse and the rocks between them and beyond the water were more rocks.  As I studied that picture I told myself the actual lighthouse was life, the rocks were the bad times  and the reflection was surviving the bad times and the rocks beyond meant we will always have bad times in life.  Yes I had survived a lot of bad times, many which I thought I would not.  Fear will always be there, but tomorrow may not…….live for today and try to put the fear behind you, like yesterday.