Survivor Cabin Fever week 5 - Reflections

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Aimee Harrison: So Springy - geese
Aimee Harrison - Rainy Day Blues = clouds (Retired)
Aimee Harriosn: Mistletoe Memories - lace trim (Retired)
Aimee Harrison: Father Dear - paper, torn paper bit
Aimee Harrison: 360 June 2018 - grass
Aimme Harrison: Tide Pooling - mooring, sea gull
Aimee Harrison: Au Natural - flower
Aimee Harrison: Warm Up - flower
CathyK Designs: Greatest Dad - flowers
Connie Prince: My Everything - ephemera bit
Day Dreams N Designs: A Snowing Good Time - zigzag stitching
Gingerbread Ladies: That's My Guy - wood paper, string
Gingerbread Ladies: Seaside Escape - net, foliage, ribbon
Gingerbread Ladies: Cabin Fever Mega - burlap texture, stitching
Gingerbread Ladies: A Life That's Good: foliage, flower
JoCee Designs: Rustic Beach - flowers
Scraps N Pieces: Rocky Mountain High - button, flower

Bracket Mat shape and title layer styles created in Photoshop CC

Fonts: Title - CAC Lasko, Bookman Old Style Journaling - DJB Bailey, Elegant Typewriter,

Since the folks lived in Colorado we were already familiar with the variety of beautiful landscapes. We had taken a couple of long motorcycle road trips through Colorado and Utah. Those two trips really made us yearn for the greater adventure opportunities the area could offer compared to Nebraska. We used the sensible logic of moving to Colorado to help the folks as they got older to justify uprooting our lives and leaving behind good jobs for the sake of adventure. Reflections on life ... I had the perfect photo from one of our adventures in mind. The photo was nowhere to be found - either in digital format or printed copy. It is vividly stored in my mind - beautiful and breathtaking. Change of plans ... I did find this photo with lovely reflections at our local lake. Looking at it I thought, "If Dad's reflection was on the water this would be perfect.” And then I noticed his shadow being cast onto the water's surface . . . a blunt reminder because these days Dad is a mere shadow of the man he used to be. Dementia has stolen him away. Our adventures have become infrequent ... almost rare. Mom is living with us now. COPD steals away her breath and physical health. Confusion and forgetfulness occur more frequently. Our lives have gradually changed from adventure seeking to caring for my parents. I miss the adventures, I miss Dad and I am beginning to miss Mom but I am reminded of Philippians 4:11 ...

...for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.

I'm trying Lord. I'm trying.