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Journaling :
I started reading this week's challenge and thought "Oh no, here it comes!" The photo won't be a problem because I like looking for reflections. The problem is I try to avoid personal reflection because I'm way too critical and pretty hard on myself. I do realise that life is full of choices and what I reflect on is also a choice! Balance is required - what did I accomplish in relation to the things that never got done. I read recently that our brains focus more on the negative because it is part of our survival instinct - it even has a name - 'negativity bias'! Well I don't want to be on a downhill road so I just try to focus on what needs to get done ... BUT there is a better way that I need to remember more ... the Bible tells us to fix our thoughts on what is true, honourable, right, pure, lovely and admirable, we need renewed minds!
Reflections are very dependent on the environment, you need good light and calm, tranquil water! So many things can distort our reflections, the wind of criticism, the churning of stress or the tremors of fear. We need to remind ourselves when we reflect on our lives that the picture could be distorted by our emotions, our hormones, our perceptions and so many other things. This week has not been particularly easy for me so there were many things mulling around in my head together with the reflecting on reflecting. I think it all worked out well because I got to remind myself of things that I forget when I feel down. I was also reminded of something that happened a while back, I regularly ride past a little dam but one day I suddenly saw reflections. God whispered to my heart, "You can only reflect Me properly when your heart is calm and at peace!"