I like to compare the course of life, with a river's stream, because in some way it's a metaphor of life, like we'd be paddling our boat, gently, always gently not against the stream because we would be hurt, nor trying to row the boat of somebody else, but our own. Along the way we see different scenarios, and it's even possible to meet other people who are paddling their boats, maybe we paddle a stretch together or maybe we'd separate before and they'll continue rowing their boats.

Journaling “Very often I think that I am a woman in construction, although sometimes I feel in ruins, and many times I've had to pick up the pieces and build myself up again. My life like that of any other, hasn't been easy, I've done terrible mistakes, felt anguish, and crossing hard and painful times, but I like to focus more on positive thoughts, see each event as part of that boat trip, and think "today it's a rainy day, but the sun will shine soon or later". I'm trying to live to the fullest, enjoying what I'm doing, being happy, without complications, finally, we only live once.”

Font used: Sue Ellen Francis by Kimberly Geswein
Kits used:
Gone Fishing kit  by Heather Z. Scraps (signal post; I have mix 2 of them and added the word bits from Good Times) 
Good Times mega collab by GingerBread Ladies
Lake Life kit by Miss Mis Designs
March Madness 2019 Photo Finish temp. by Miss Fish