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This is me at 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant with Emily!
Katelyn is SO excited, she tells me every morning how many days are left until Emily comes! Today, there are just 4 days left!

At my last few appointments, my blood pressure was high and my last ultrasound showed low fluid, so we are inducing next week. Today, I had my very last non stress test. I love listening to her heartbeat on this thing!

Katelyn is in Kindergarten this year, so before I can start my day, I have to get her ready for the bus! Finn
likes to watch us go, since the weather is still nice enough to leave the windows open! Today, I had my last day of work until January! I am way too excited to not be working on Black Friday and Thanksgiving this year, although, I am sure I still won’t be sleeping in! My favorite breakfast on work mornings is a sweet tea and breakfast burrito from McDonald's. I won’t be getting out of the house early enough to eat one of those for awhile, so I made sure to grab one on the way to work!

My mom has been keeping a close eye on me the last few weeks, and today she stopped by to help me hang up the art for Emily’s wall and play with Katelyn for a few minutes! Everything is ready for Emily and we’re spending our last weekend as a family of 3!