Things we found and did in the attic

hanging dress: Modern Baby by Julie C Designs
mouse: Elegant Comfort by Daphadilly Art
bucket: Summer Lovin by Inspired Designs
toothbrush: Tub Time by Jenc Designs
soap: Tub Time by Jenc Designs
lotion: Tub Time by Jenc Designs
shower head: Tub Time by Jenc Designs
tub: Good Morning Collab by the GS Designers
spider: ambowife halloween spider feeebie
flashlight: Staycation by Girl Boy Girl Designs (recolored)
puddle: Puddle Jumpers mini by Statments by Jodi (recolored)
dog: Backyard Fun by Designs by Julie Bullock
victrola: Dance With Me by Psychozoe Designs
record: Just My Type by Everyday Mom Ideas
broom: All Hallows Eve by Wyld Web Designs
soda pop: Movie Night Marathon by ruby lane designs

and everything else was from Grandma's Attic by Pretty In Green