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Journaling: It’s difficult to believe that Morgan is already 20 years old. She’s still working on finding her path and learning what it means to be an adult. Most of her time is spent going to her part-time job, looking for a full-time job, hanging out with friends, and avoiding her parents. She hasn’t been a fan of adult responsibilities like making her own car and cell phone payments, but she has enjoyed the freedom of being able to choose how she spends her free time. We weren’t sure what she would want to do for her birthday, but she decided to invite the family to join her for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Grandpa Ron and June, Grandpa Kenny, Laura, Justin, Theresa, and cousin Dalamar joined us on the first warm spring day. We had a nice time visiting and they all brought cards for Morgan that were filled with cash or gift cards, so she was very happy. She asked us if we would cover her next car payment, so we made up a coupon to that effect. She was thrilled. After the lunch, she left to meet up with friends and the rest of us drove to our homes.