Red White and Boom!
...or bust. For 39 years, our city has been holding its 4th of July celebration in the downtown on July 3. It is billed as"not only Ohio’s largest fireworks display but the largest Independence Day fireworks display in the Midwest." Some estimates indicate half a million people will crowd into the parks and bridges and "where-evers" in the downtown to see the show in person. Creeping up on being twice as old as the celebration and with thunderstorms not only predicted but actually happening, I decided to remain home and watch the event on our NBC affiliate. WELL, that didn't work. A money dispute resulted in my local station being pulled from my cable company. The only fireworks for me that night were from a nearby park that were LOUD, but basically obscured by the surrounding trees. And on the actual 4th of July?  I could hear them in the area, but never saw the slightest spark. Only a beautiful crescent moon. Hopefully, I'll get my "fireworks fix" Saturday at Mapfre Stadium after the Crew beat (?) Seattle. BUT, with iffy weather in the forecast and the state of the team right now, ?????
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