JOURNALING: To celebrate our birthday 4/19/2017, my sister and I went to the old ice cream shop of our youth in Bexley Ohio. Our 102-year old mother wasn't quite up to the trip clear across the city, and we had some errands we had to do on that side of town, too, so she didn't go with us. BUT, we took along a cooler bag to purchase a couple of pints of ice cream so she could go back in time and have her classic "chocolate on the bottom, lemon on top" cone when we got home.

I'm actually not much "in" to ice cream. I just wanted to go to Johnson's because of their tuna melts. Great Grandpa Johnson started making ice cream and opened the shop in 1950. I’m not sure when they expanded the Bexley location and added a lunch menu. Still family owned and making their own ice cream, they now have ice cream shops in Dublin and New Albany Ohio and added a Chicago location in the spring of 2019.

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