JOURNALING: I've owned 6 pups in my life. All pure-bred, but one. The pup of my childhood was "Suki", a Pekingese. I literally grew up with her as she lived nearly 18 years. My next dog was a Yorkshire Terrier named "Mrs. Peel" (named after the character in the old TV show "The Avengers.") She crossed over the rainbow bridge WAY too soon, but I have more stories about her than any of the others. My next three pups were Shih Tzus, the breed I've come to love the most. "Ling-Ti" was from a puppy mill, bought at a pet store (never again), and had so many health problems. I got another Shih Tzu shortly after getting Ling. While Ling was quiet, almost shy, and a very "comfortable" dog, "Mandy Ming-Ti" was the total opposite, gay, outgoing, "bouncy." When I was dogless, fate stepped in and led me to my PERFECT dog, another Shih Tzu named "May-Ling." I used to say that, when they printed brochures on how to housebreak a puppy, May-Ling was used as the example. Less than a month after she passed, the mutt who now has my heart came into my life. A Yorkshire Terrier/Chinese Crested mix who was rescued from an Amish puppy mill, "Pennie is, ironically, the smartest of all of my dogs. I am astounded by how quickly she learns things and, while my efforts at housebreaking were frustrating and, eventually, useless, she basically did it herself. And, in this last move to my new condo, she settled in SO QUICKLY. She is very loving, but also very "needy" and has separation anxiety. I've learned what they say about "rescues" is so true. They never forget what you did for them. But, I ask, "who rescued whom?"
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