My dad's side of the family was never one for spontaneous day trips, but we would plan to go out to places.  Sometimes, Grandma & Grandpa would decide and not tell anyone, or else they'd tell Dad and David, and leave it a surprise for me.  This trip to Lost Lake, OR, was one of those times.  I didn't know where we were going, but I knew it would be fun.  I knew we were going to a lake, so I just assumed it was somewhere in Clark County.  Nope!  When we got close, I was allowed to play 20 questions.  I got it just before we started seeing signs for it.  The postage stamp featuring the lake, a red canoe, and two trees had just come out, so we looked for that spot and found it!  Grandma & Grandpa set up our picnic, Dad took pictures, and David and I went on the rented paddleboat out into the middle of the lake.  Grandpa went with me also, and then he and David we out by themselves.  Grandma was afraid of being in the water, but she was brave enough to help us dock!  Dad took a picture of me silhouetted on the stump, too.  August 1991.

I used the July 2019 newsletter freebie template from Miss Fish, 3 elements from “Adventurous” by JB Studio, paint from “Explore the Great Outdoors” by Laurie’s Scraps, a cluster by Judith from “Set Your Own Path” by Blue Heart Scraps, and a paper from “Hello 2018” by Blue Heart Scraps.