background paper: GingerBread Ladies Collab: Gone Glamping
kit: Art Deco Party Collection by Lindsay Jane
word art: Blue Heart Scraps - A Year of Blessings! September 2019!-September-2019

Journaling: Our last moment (mostly) alone together before you left the room as a bride, ready to marry the love of your life and become a married woman. You were waiting to get the go ahead to go downstairs for your first look with your Dad. I called out to you and you just turned around and smiled, all your happiness shining through. Just a split second after I snapped this photo you raised your hand and gave me a little wave. It was like you were saying goodbye to your childhood and the primacy of my place in your life as your mother before moving forward to your own life and placing your husband before all others. Everything after this moment was a blur, your first look with your Dad, the party bus, the photos, the ceremony itself, and the reception. But this moment is forever stamped in my memory.