04/25/2018 – Hazel Dell, WA, USA.

The crime:  Someone "killed" the turtle Tiffany lamp, thankfully not breaking any of it in the process.

The suspects:  Any or all of the cats in our household, because all the humans were asleep or out of the house at the time this happened, and the dog was sleeping.

The evidence:  Turtle lamp dismantled as shown in the picture.  This was how it was found, on top of my dresser.  Cat pawprints surrounded it, but none were distinct enough to judge by size who it might have been.

Circumstantial evidence:  Most of our cats are hunters, and four of them like to get up in the window in this room by way of this dresser.  None of our cats have ever seen a real turtle or tortoise, except for Tabby (who wouldn't think of harming one).

We never did solve this "crime" and we never will, because they're not telling!  The lamp was unharmed except for having been dismantled.  No cats were hurt either during or after this incident.  Nothing was broken, so we didn't have to worry about if anyone got hurt by the glass.  The lamp got moved to a safer place, and the cats never bothered it again.

I used template 2 from “It’s a Mystery” by Connie A. Prince; a paper from “WhoDunIt” by JoCee Designs; 2 papers from “Memory Keepers” & a cluster from “Let’s Get Crafty,” both by Mags Graphics; an element from “Meow-Ments” by Made By Keuntje; 3 elements from “Dapper Chap” by Laurie’s Scraps; and word art from “Tropical Paradise Extras” by Annie C. Digitals.