My signature is celebrating Global Cat Day on Oct. 16th. Originally started by Alley Cat Allies as National Feral Cat Day, it is now a global holiday to celebrate all cats: pets, community/ferals, strays, and fosters. The pictures are all of a feral cat family that grew up in our backyard. Photo descriptions are from left to right. Leopard (mama) and Tux (dad), who didn't let themselves be trapped or socialized, lived in our backyard when we moved in. Leopard disappeared after the kittens were a couple months old, so Tux raised them after that. There were originally four kittens, but one disappeared soon after we saw it. Miss Marple & Hemming were trapped first. Hemming adopted our pet cat Heimdall, but then was adopted by a lady who lived in our city. Miss Marple was returned to the backyard after being spayed, but decided to be an inside/outside pet for a few years. Sadly, she was hit by a car while trying to cross the road in front of our house. Tigress avoided being trapped, but missed her siblings, so she eventually was trapped, spayed, and became somewhat socialized to humans. After her sister died, Tigress decided to come inside, and became an inside/outside "house feral." She transitioned to being an inside-only pet, but still has some feral behaviors and will always be that way. I used an alpha set from "Give Thanks" by Blue Heart Scraps and an alpha set from "Moonlit" by Connie A. Prince.