Erin & Jarek were living with us at Christmastime, so we all wanted to make it special for Jarek.  He and I decorated our little tree with ornaments from their collection as well as ones from ours and some new ones.  After the tree was decorated, Jarek got to stay up a little past bedtime and watch the Grinch with Scott.  Then it was bedtime, but Erin had a special surprise up her sleeve!  We were wrapping presents, so we had the big roll of paper out already.  Erin had been looking at ideas on Pinterest and saw one where Santa decorates the child's bedroom doorway on Christmas Eve.  We put lights around the doorframe, plugged them into the outlet just inside the bedroom door, then taped wrapping paper (print-side facing into the room) across the whole doorway!  When he woke up and opened his door, it had been wrapped as a present by Santa!

I used the challenge mini kit, a template from “Moonlit,” and an alpha from “Moonlit,” all by Connie Prince.