Tropical Paradise kit by Gingerbread Lady Collabs Can't Get Enough template by Dear Friends Designs



While we were in Punta Cana, we joined a small group to book a snorkeling booze cruise. I was most excited about the snorkeling part, but was disappointed to learn that the cruise didn’t even offer flippers, just the snorkels. They dropped us off in a shallow, grassy area of the water and roped off a section so we wouldn’t get confused and get on one of the many other boats doing the same thing. The guide threw some bread crumbs in the water and then the fish arrived in masses, including a unique needle nose fish that swam just under the surface of the water. After a short time, our boat moved to a different area where the water was even more shallow. They brought out a floatable bar that was stocked with lots of rum and turned on the dance music. Other boats did the same thing, but it was really fun to have everyone enjoy themselves. When everyone was back on board, the catamaran staff encouraged the group to dance and sing karaoke.